DuBrul Vineyard Five-Vine Cabernet bud break

DuBrul Vineyard’s Cabernet Sauvignon vine in full bud break. Located in the middle of the Yakima Valley AVA, this vine is part of the 5-Vine Cabernet project. Picture taken 4/23/14.

Cabernet Sauvignon vine at DuBrul Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon vine at DuBrul Vineyard

The was vine planted in 1992. This vine  grows in shallow Scoon soils, wind-driven loess and heterogenous rocks from the ancient Columbia River, which cover the underlying basalt promontory. The planting is at 1,300 feet elevation on an 8-15% pitch with a south facing slope. Heat units average 2765 GDD from 2009-2013. The vineyard totals 45 acres with a north-south row direction.  The fruit from this vine produces wines with deep garnet color. Typical flavors include cherry, cassis, blackberry, exotic spice, and black tea.  Abundant tannins are bold yet refined, adding texture to the extended finish characteristic of this vine.

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