Yakima Valley Celebrates 30 Years as Washington’s First Growth

DuBrul image

Yakima Valley’s DuBrul Vineyard, One of Washington State’s iconic vineyards.

This New Year’s Eve will be particularly special across the Washington State wine industry. As the clock strikes midnight, Yakima Valley grape growers and winemakers will start celebrating their 30th anniversary as part of the first American Viticultural Area (AVA) established in the Pacific Northwest.

In early 1983, the federal government designated the Yakima Valley as the first winegrowing appellation north of California. Across the following three decades, the Yakima Valley wine industry has consistently justified its status as the “first growth” of Washington State. From the earliest vintages until today, the Yakima Valley has grown more wine grapes for Washington wineries than any other appellation. Simultaneously, it has cultivated most of the best wine in the region, since award-winning wineries from Woodinville to Walla Walla to the Willamette Valley have grown to greatness through their use of Yakima Valley grapes.

“The coming year is a special one for the Pacific Northwest wine industry,” said Barbara Glover, executive director of Wine Yakima Valley, the official association of Yakima Valley wineries and growers. “We’re celebrating the confluence of conditions that has made the Yakima Valley so important to the regional wine industry: this valley
is the first AVA in Washington State; this valley is home to the most vineyard acreage
in Washington State; and this valley fuels the best wine labels across the state and beyond.” She added, “I encourage everyone to enjoy the compelling simplicity of
having ‘first, most, and best’ in one appellation: Yakima Valley.”

Glover commented that the local wine industry will be making the most of this 30th anniversary throughout 2013. “We’re planning remote master classes about the AVA for selected members of the media; we’ll be conducting great tasting seminars for the public; there will be a summer vineyard tour; and we’ll host members of the trade and press for informative and fun tours across the appellation.”

She concluded, “In all, everyone will see that 30 years is worth celebrating—and that 13 is a very lucky number.”

For more information:
Visit the Wine Yakima Valley website at http://wineyakimavalley.org/
or contact Barbara Glover at wineyakimavalley@msn.com or call 509-965-5201.

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1 Response to Yakima Valley Celebrates 30 Years as Washington’s First Growth

  1. susan says:

    Congratulations on 30 years! How many acres is the vineyard?

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