SUMMER! A great time to visit Wineglass Cellars in the Yakima Valley to enjoy the BOUNTY

SUN – Use the picnic table and RELAX.  Try our two summer wines, cold and refreshing:  2012 Chardonnay (no oak) crisp and fruity or our (New Release) 2011 Rose’ which tastes like strawberries with hints of grapefruit and honey.
You want RED WINES?  We have a full line-up for you to taste.  In June we were awarded the BEST MERLOT TROPHY at the 2012 Washington State Wine Competition.  New Vintage Releases on 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2007 Capizimo (red blend).

CHERRIES are ripe at our neighbor’s orchard across the street (U-pick Rainiers and Bings).  We have GOAT CHEESE from nearby Blue Barn Farm’s available to sample and purchase, plain or garlic/onion.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES – Check out the produce at several nearby stands, we will help with directions.

Share a LAUGH and make a MEMORY with owners Linda and David Lowe.  After 19 years of making wine we are still having fun.

Open Friday-Sunday 10:30-5:00pm

155 gallon/ton
2.38 gallon/case
65 cases/ton
288 bottles/barrel

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